Process Engineer


Job Summary

Reporting to the Director of Asset Management, this role will focus on developing and improving processes and products, implementing projects, and supporting business development, the facility and their business processes as needed.

Core Competencies

·       Attention to details.

·       Engineering and Manufacturingknowledge

·       Collaboration and partnership

·       Interpersonal communication

·       Resilience and leadership

·       Integrity

·       Decision making and judgment.

·       Critical thinking

 Job Responsibilities

·       Analyzes and proposes changes andimprovements to workflows and processes at both production and business processlevels.

·       Review workflow, space requirementsand layout of equipment for maximum efficiency.

·       Works alongside the differentdepartments at the Ohio-based facilities.

·       Lead product development initiatives.

·       Lead continuous process improvementsincluding troubleshooting while using root cause analysis and otherproblem-solving tools.

·       Incorporates technologies, practices,processes, and tools to boost throughput and cost-related efficiencies.

·       Develop and implement qualityassurance and quality control initiatives and tools.

·       Ensure output meets quality standards.

·       Standardizes processes, methods, andprocedures.

·       Performs internal quality audits toguarantee adherence to Quality Systems.

·       Follows a project management approachto developing and implementing activities, including managing subcontractors.

·       Creates and modifies layouts, models,and assemblies using CAD software.

·       Implement manufacturing methodologies(5S, lean, TPS, 6-sigma, just-in-time, among others) to achieve desiredresults.

·       Lead undertakings from definition andabstract stages to implementation and control with manufacturing crews.

·       Ensure all health and safetyprecautions are taken, policies are followed and enforced.

·       The Manufacturing and Process Engineermay be reassigned to other work matching their qualifications from time totime.

·       Works on quotations of product andliaises with Customers on technical matters upon Management request.

·       Might be required to supervisepersonnel.

·       Manages Contractors for the projectsassigned to them.

Qualifications & Skills


·       Minimum of 10 years of experience ofrelevant post-graduate experience.

·       Bachelor’s degree in mechanical,Electrical, or Manufacturing Engineering is desired.

·       Experience defining and implementingprojects using project management tools.

·       Experience implementing continuousimprovement, lean manufacturing, and other manufacturing methodologies.

·       Understanding of Quality ManagementSystems, ISO 9001, and Quality Control.

·       Strong experience and skills in usingCAD software such as AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS.

·       Experience programming and/oroperating CNC equipment – mills, lathes, routers, is preferred.

·       Experience in defining andimplementing processes.

·       Experience in Plant Operations andManufacturing is preferred.


·       Data analysis and interpretation.

·       Excellent analytical and criticalthinking skills.

·       Mindfulness and a focus on quality.

·       Good communication skills.

·       Attention to details.

·       Capable to work on meticulous taskswhile keeping the big picture in mind.

·       Self-driven and dependable.

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